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medigap plans 2018Now for Medigap in 2018 , there are three plans that most people are going to pick over all the others. These are the ones that offer some of the most coverage to Medicare subscribers, and they are plans F, G and N.

Medigap Plan N

Plan N offers great coverage and actually has the lowest premiums of the three plans mentioned. This is because it has some cost sharing options such as deductibles and co-pays that you are responsible for paying. It covers the Medicare Part A deductible as well as some more blood each year, has an emergency travel benefit, and provides up to 100 days of skilled nursing facility coverage.

With Plan N:

You must pay the annual Part B deductible yourself each year ($183 in 2017)
After the deductible is met you might have up to a $20 co-pay per doctor’s visit
Part B excess charges are not paid on Plan N
Upon visiting the emergency room on Plan N, if you are not admitted you will be charged a $50 co-pay

Medigap Plan G

Plan G is the second most comprehensive plan available by Medigap insurance companies, but it’s quickly becoming the most popular. The reason is Plan G has lower premiums than Plan F and can save you money.

With Medigap Plan G:

You must pay the annual Part B deductible of $183 for 2017
After this is met, the Plan pays 100 percent of the gaps in Medicare
Lower premiums than Plan F; in most areas of the country you’ll save quite a bit on Plan G even after you pay the deductible yourself

Be sure to use our quote engine to get instant rates for Plan G to see how much you can save.

Medigap Plan F:

Plan F provides the most coverage, taking care of all the supplemental costs that plans G and N cover. And on top of that it covers the Medicare Part B deductible.

So why wouldn’t you choose Plan F over the other two lower-coverage plans? Well the more coverage a plan provides for you the more you will pay in premiums. You don’t have to break your budget to pay those premiums though if you want a high-coverage plan.

Plan F is great for people who never want to see a medical bill, so if that’s you then you can go directly to our quote engine to get Plan F rates in your area. If you want to make a comparison though and shop around, definitely get rates for both Plan F and Plan G to see what the savings are for 2018.

Each insurance company that offers Medigap Plans 2018 plans offers different monthly premiums, though they all have to keep the same coverage. So you can actually save some money by comparing prices between insurance companies for the same plan. That’s the best way to save some money on Medigap in 2018. And we can help by providing you with a free method of getting quotes from all the major insurance companies.

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