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Lottery is often a game of luck and chance. If you got your prediction right, you win. If not you lose. One of the most popular lottery game in West Africa may be the 5/90 fixed odds lotto game. Lotto games are usually designed to be Pari-mutuel as the name indicated .i.e. the important winnings is paid out of a percentage of sale. However, the 5/90 game is exclusive because it is Fixed Odds. The customer wins a multiple of stake he puts in per line. Unless the operator arranges a stake limit, the winning amount depends upon the ability of the customer to wager a large amount.
5/90 lottery game gives the client the freedom to pick anywhere from just one number to five numbers from your range of 1 to 90 and put a bet to them. The customer also has the ability to 'PERM' the numbers which increases their opportunity to win. For example a customer can play a 2 selection bet by choosing say 10 numbers producing a 45 line bet.
It is the most popular game in West African countries especially in Nigeria and Ghana. Since the game is really popular it must have the best quality updated software's available, to guarantee security, flexibility and transparency.
DMT ' 14 Programmed for 5/90 Lottery Games
DM 14
Dusane adjusted into deep research and relationship building with experts and consultants in West Africa to comprehend the 5/90 lottery market. And has created 'DMT 14' hand held device for 5/90 lottery game. Thus converting 5/90 lottery a paper based game to online lottery game through Cloud hosting. Dusane's this online lottery software upgrades a conventional Fixed odds lottery game to online lottery model.
Dusane has the expertise to rapidly deploy 5/90 online lottery software within 45 days!
This togel online lengkap lottery software solution can cause various relationship levels ' Agent / Retailer model, usage of reports and features depending on the same. It enables the operator to regulate his earnings through strict control on pay-outs for winnings and credit charge of retailers or their agents. DMT 14 lottery hand held device has undoubtedly designed a new possibility for 5/90 lottery game in West Africa. In coming times this can upgrade the lottery playing standards in West Africa.
Dusane may be into this lottery field since last 14 many understands it functionality and future requirements well. We are the best technology solutions provider for on the web industry in Africa.

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