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best drones for sale australiaGetting the perfect pictures from the air is an art that not many can do. A lot of patience is needed when working with unmanned aerial aircrafts to take pictures of a place. From beginners to advanced pilots, from consumers to industrial needs, Space City Drones offers the absolute best prices, price match guarantees, fast and free shipping, and financing options… You know, in case you realize you want to upgrade right away to that professional quad copter.

We still think that a DJI Phantom model suited to your particular needs is a better buy if you're interested in a good-handling drone with advanced features, and DJI's camera produces footage that's easier to work with than the GoPro footage you'd be using with a Solo.

Featuring a built-in and truly high quality gimbal-mounted 4K video recording camera with excellent high resolution still photo specs, the Phantom 4 is not only easy to use but designed to be as crash-proof as possible while still delivering maximal aerial flexibility.

Connex video, a wireless HD Video downlink system is made for professional filmmakers and researchers, but that doesn't mean that people can't use it for recreational purposes.Connex video streams HD video wirelessly at the quality of 1080p to ensure that your experiences are viewed in crispy 1080p.

Phantom 3 is packed with great features, such as GPS (which enables auto-pilot flights), FPV (real time video transmission) in very good quality, Follow Me mode (drone will follow targeted person) Point of Interest (fly around an object), among many others.

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